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The College of Education Business Office is the administrative support unit for financial and personnel matters for all College of Education departments. In this role, the office staff review, secures college-level approval for all transactions in a timely manner, and ensure documents concur with established university policies and procedures. The staff provides assistance and advice to the College of Education staff and faculty as well as written reports on account status.

This section of the College of Education Web site directs staff and faculty to relevant university policies and procedures for financial and personnel matters. It provides assistance for common transactions and dilemmas. All relevant UA policy and procedural manuals are available online and should be consulted for the most current policies.

The online Business Office Guide is divided into three main sections:

Business Office Procedures

All financial (travel documents, Disbursement Vouchers, Interdepartmental Billing backup, General Error Corrections (GECs), Cash Receipt forms, etc.) and personnel documents (Personnel Action Form (PAF), Designated Campus Colleagues (DCC), New Employee Information Forms etc.) are to be routed through the College of Education Business Office. Online requisitions are automatically routed electronically through the Business Office for college-level approval.

Typical procedures for processing financial and personnel forms are as follows:

  • Documents are prepared in the department or unit initiating the transaction.
  • Original receipts are submitted to the UA Office of Financial Services with documents requesting reimbursement. The Business Office scans the form and all receipts, the home department may keep copies of all receipts submitted with the departmental copy of the transaction.
  • After relevant departmental signatures are obtained, the document is submitted to the Business Office for review, approval, and forwarding to the appropriate campus destination for approval and action. Incomplete or incorrect documents submitted to the Business Office will be returned with an explanation of the needed corrections to the initiating department.
  • The Business Office is available to provide assistance and advice; however, appointments are strongly encouraged to ensure that lead time is available to prepare a report or gather appropriate information and that adequate time is scheduled for the appointment.
  • To request an account report, please submit an e-mail or memo to the business manager, senior, at least two days in advance to ensure a complete and accurate report.


The Research Gateway Forms and Templates page has the most current information.

Proposal Budget Templates:

- includes summary forms for EDGAR (524) and AZDOE summary forms 701b & 701d

-includes AZDOE summary forms 701b & 701d

- includes EDGAR summary forms (524) & FIPSE summary forms Grant/Contract Budget Proposal Template


FY 2022-2023
2, 4, 6 Full Benefit Employees 31.9%
3, 7 Ancillary Employees 17.6%
1 Students 2.0%
8 Graduate Assistants 13.0%

*Use FY2022/2023 for ERE calculation through 06/30/2023 and beyond

Graduate Assistant 10,875 14,355 21,750 43,500
Graduate Associate 11,419 15,073 22,838 45,675


Graduate Assistant 14,138 18,662 28,275 56,550
Graduate Associate 14,845 19,595 29,689 59,378

Please contact your fiscal officer prior to processing any salary changes for Graduate Assistant/Associated funded by a Sponsored or Gift Account ( “3”, “4”, or “5”).

Masters Student (Someone who has their Bachelor's degree and is working toward their Master's.) or Educational Specialist student: doctoral student (Someone who has their Bachelor's degree and is bypassing the Master's program and going directly for Ed Specialist degree or PhD.)
Masters degree or Doctoral student with 30 units toward doctorate.  (Someone who has their Master's degree OR, if bypassing the Master's program, has 30 units toward their doctorate.  Anyone who already has their Master's degree is at this level whether they have 30 units or not, until they have passed their prelims.) or Doctoral student who has passed prelims prior to the beginning of the semester

In order to convert an Academic figure into a Fiscal figure, divide by 1,600 and then multiply by 2,080

In order to convert an Academic figure into an hourly figure for supplemental compensation, multiply by .00072.

In order to convert a Fiscal figure into an hourly figure for supplemental compensation, divide the annualized salary by 2080.

independent contractor amount/duration document attachment
click on an attachment to access complete details
Expense Reimbursement Only DV Original Receipts No
Guest Speakers & Visiting Experts < = $600, < 3 days for calendar year DV Brochure/flyer NO
< $10,000, < 14 days for calendar year DV ICON form YES
>= $10,000, > 14 days for calendar year REQS ICON form YES
Entertainer <= $1,000 DV Performance Arrangement NO
> $1,000 DV Performance Contract NO
Cooperating (Mentor) Teachers DV Cooperating Mentor Teacher Form NO
NCAA Officials DV The NCAA's letter or form NO
Subject Pay DV Provide a brief description of the program NO
Royalty and Permission Fees DV Contract, letter of agreement, invoice OR statement of distribution NO
Manuscript Reviewers <= $200 for calendar year DV ICON form YES
> $200 the calendar year REQS ICON form YES
Services other than those listed above provided by entities with an EIN (Employer Identification Number) REQS Reference EIN in dPR notepad NO
Services other than those listed above provided by entities WITHOUT an EIN REQS ICON Form YES


On-Campus Organized Research

The rate is 53.5% for On-Campus Organized Research for 07/01/16 - 06/30/20

Off-Campus Organized Research - 26% through 06/30/2020

On-Campus Instruction

The rate is 50.0% for On-Campus Instruction for 07/01/16 - 06/30/2020

Off-Campus Instruction - 26% through 06/30/2020

Instruction is unofficially defined as those activities carried out for the express purpose of eliciting some measure of educational change in a learner or group of learners. "Educational Change" is defined to include (1) the acquisition or improved understanding of some portion of body of knowledge, (2) the adoption of new or different attitudes, and (3) the acquisition or increased mastery of a skill or set of skills. The activities that may be carried out to elicit these educational changes includes both teaching activities and facilitating activities. This includes both credit and noncredit instructional offerings.

On-Campus Other Sponsored Activity
The rate is 47.0% for On-Campus Other Sponsored Activity for 07/01/16 - 06/30/2020

Available codes for use in the Time Reporting Code Field of the Time Sheets


  • UNE - Unpaid absence
  • BRE - Bereavement/Funeral
  • FMUE - Family & Medical Leave Unpaid Absence
  • FMSE - Family & Medical Leave Sick
  • FMVE - Family & Medical Leave Vacation
  • HLE - Holiday
  • JRE - Jury Duty
  • ADE - Admin Leave
  • MLE - Military Duty
  • PAW - Presence at Work
  • STE - Sick
  • VTE - Vacation Taken
  • OBE - Organ Donor - Except
  • CSE - Compassionate Sick Leave
  • FMHE - FML Holiday
  • UCE - University Closure
  • VLUE - Victim Leave Unpaid Absence
  • VLVE - Victim Leave Vacation
  • UFE - University Furlogh
Academic Appointment
464 maximum hours during Academic Year (mid-August thru mid-August) Maximum hours during fall and spring semesters is 16 hours per payperiod To calculate hourly rate: Annualized salary X .00072
174 maximum hours during Fiscal Year (July 1 thru June 30) Maximum hours is always limited to 16 hours per payperiod Cannot earn on Federal grants & contracts To calculate hourly rate: Annualized salary / 2080 hours
Status Code=P and FTE=.60 Grant funded supplemental compensation can be approved at 40% time, not to exceed 32 hours per payperiod To calculate hourly rate: Annualized salary / 1600 hours
Status Code=P and FTE=1.00 Maximum hours during fall and spring semesters is 16 hours per payperiod To calculate hourly rate: Annualized salary X .00072